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Full Version: h264 ION hardware decoding support?
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Hi there,

I've setup a EEEBox 1501P exclusively to work as a Media Center.

So i've picked up Ubuntu 11.04 x64, and installed the nVIDIA drivers directly from site.

I've tried on VLC player with a 720p video, and the CPU cores are at 10%.
But when i use a media center software (Boxee), one core gets stuck at 100%, and the others at 10%.

So this means that currently, boxee, cannot handle hardware acceleration in x86_64 Linux!

My question is: Can XBMC handle this hardware decoding?

The graphics card is an ION2 with CUDA support.

Enable VDPAU in Settings > Video > Playback.
Yup, it's true, that works for x264.

I'm migrating to Window though, because of the Remote IR Command that my EEEBox came with.