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Full Version: DTS TV, but no DTS audio?
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Hi, all new around here, I've been looking around for a while now and have XBMC (Dharma) up and running on my x64 Ubuntu Natty laptop but ive ran into a problem playing back videos with DTS audio.

My laptop is wired up to my Samsung TV which supports DTS however whenever I attempt to play a movie with DTS audio I get the Audio device failed to initiate message and the best I can do is disable passthrough and let me laptop speakers do the work - not ideal!

Can anyone suggest anything I can try, are there any logs which would be beneficial to post?

Any help would be greatly appreciated Smile
Any ideas guys?
I am curious how your television "supports" DTS? Can you provide more details? DTS is a 5.1 format that needs a d/a decoder and 5 channels of amplification in order to be played back. Cant say that I have seen a television with these capabilities as of yet. Nor one with 6 speakers to play 5.1 formats.

Most televisions can "support surround formats" in part. Unless I am mistaken your television will "pass through" a 5.1 signal that comes down the hdmi cable. It does this by splitting the 5.1 digital stream out from the video and pipes it out an optical cable that you would connect to your surround sound receiver.

If you are in doubt feel free to contact Samsung and ask them why your television does not play DTS formats. Based on what details you have provided I dont think you are having any problems with XBMC. Assuming that by "cabled" you mean hdmi? Please provide details of your connections and exactly what they are. Hard to give a concise answer without them.