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Full Version: Display issues, Atom 330 IONITX HDMI
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OK, been running XBMC for a few months now, all was fine. My old roommate is in town and I'm trying to convert him to XBMC.

I turn on my XBMC (minimal ubuntu install, no desktop) and no image, TV says detecting and the nothing. Now it's worked fine for months.

Next I plug in an old IBM 15" LCD through VGA, works fine.

So then I drag my HP w2408h into the living room, boots fine.

I then change to VGA on TV, works (but says 1920x400 for a bit then straightens itself out)

So I connect the HP back up and change the res to 1920 x 1080 x 60 and then switch the HDMI to my 47" westy......same thing.....detecting......nothing.

any Ideas?
Are you seeing anything or just nothing when you try to watch a video
Nothing at all, my TV doesn't sync to HDMI anymore (only on XBMC though, cable box is fine)

But it does work on my HP w2408h through HDMI.

I don't remember ever seeing the Zotac (not to say it didn't though) splash on my TV, but I know I did see the SMB error and XBMC splash when it was working.

EDIT: I did check the xorg log and it shows my TV model and shows 1080p and 720p, ect... are valid resolutions and those logs were on today's date.