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Full Version: Dual monitor functionality?
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Sorry if this is covered in the wiki, I poked around for a short while but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for and I thought somebody here could probably answer this.

I haven't tried out XBMC yet, but it looks really promising and I wondered if someone can tell me whether it will support dual monitors like I am hoping.

Specifically, I want my laptop screen to show me the xbmc interface where I browse files/playlists and what not... and meanwhile the actual audio and video content xbmc is playing goes out through the HDMI without showing anything else going on. It'd also be great if I can hop around to other applications on the laptop screen without affecting the HDMI output, but that isn't totally critical. I am currently using Ubuntu 11.04 but I could just as easily use Windows if that makes any difference.

Thanks for the help!
Nope. XBMC will play videos on the screen XBMC is running on only.
Hm, well is it possible to modify a playlist from outside the program? I could do it on the other screen that is not running XBMC, or remotely while it is playing (from another computer on the network.)

Or do you have any other ideas? Let's say for example that I've got a video playing on the projector, and I want to change the order of items coming up without my friends watching the projection knowing what's in store. Is there any way to do this?
Yes - you can rearrange the current playlist using the JSON-RPC api over the web.