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Full Version: A need a litle help/advice
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I've been a XBMC user for a while but on win7.
Due to my slow PC, I decided to switch it to linux.
So, using a lot of tutorials, I was able to Install XBMC Live on the HDD
My next step was going to be mounting my ntfs partition with all my media (I was keeping win7...never know what may happen)
But, as many other users, there's no sound coming from my hdmi connection.
I tried a lot of things but with no luck...

Next, I was thinking to do:
  • Backup all my media collection to an external drive
  • Delete all OS
  • Install Ubuntu
  • Install XBMC
  • Set XBMC as the main interface program
  • Install wifi
  • Restore all my media collection
  • Done

Deleting ntfs partition is good or i can keep it with all my media and just mount it?
Is it better to fully install Ubuntu or XBMC Live is enough?
Is there any chance the audio still won't work?
Should I just keep it like it is and just try to fix audio?

My system is a ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe with an 2.4 Am2 processor, 2Gb DDR2, 2Tb hard drive and a ASUS ATI Radeon HD 5450 Graphics Card (1GB)

Thanks in advance