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Full Version: no Library on XBMC on Apple TV 2!
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I have XBMC running on my ATV2 but even after successful scanning of my video files the Library review remains empty (displays only (..)). File view works all fine but that is no use to me - I want Media info.

I have the same XBMC set-up and files running on my MacBookAir and there I have no problem; library browsing and media info display works fine.

What could be the problem on the ATV?
Solved it:
For some reason none of the files would not show in library when I added the volumes/folders using uPnP, although they showed fine in the file view.
However, when I re-added all the files using SMB and then scrapped them, all showed up in library view!
Strange but true.
Because xbmc does support scraping through upnp as the addresses do not stay the same or something.
It is nor possible, but it isn't xbmc's fault