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Full Version: [RELEASE] Xperience More v2.0.3 (Available through the official repo)
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Thanks for the reply. I hope you find the time for Xperience More.
It is a good version of skin.

Best regards
yes please, please finish this skin to be compatible with version 12 my HTPC is not the same without your skin Smile
Hi Nessus,

This is a great skin and I am using it to some degree of success on an ATV2 with Frodo, but I occasionally have issues with the following:

* Will crash starting up to play some mp4 files
* When running for the first time after a crash will get stuck on "Processing 0%" in the upper right corner and I need to reboot again
* Will crash trying to shut down via the power down menu

I keep trying to update with the latest code as I see the files keep changing dates in GitHub, but there is no update with the change log. Can you give an update as to the changes and are any of the issues I specifically notice on your list of things to update?

Thanks for the great work on this skin!
Frodo Beta is on GitHub

Glad to see this skin port to frodo!!
just a word, wall view for advanced launcher ( format dvd not square ) has a little problem, the selected item just show a black cover, the wall show the good game box but it's black if it's selected ( this does not occure with wall view square)
that's all!
great work
Thanks bakito.

Thank you very much.
Best regards
Hello Nessus

Is it possible to have custom video panel,like custom home panel icon.
Best regards
I am not sure i understand you. What do you mean custom video panel ?. You can have (up to 9) a custom home panel and set it
as add-on, favorite or playlist. Go Appearance>Skin>Settings>Custom Panels>Enable Custom Panel #.

ImageI'm sorry I was not clear,I think in some video in home movie panel for example.
Something similar has new xbox dashboard update 2013 small window with video in home
I am sorry I speak good English, but I write poorly.
Best regards
While a video is playing video preview is available in Now Playing panel. Enable it in Appearance>Skin>Settings>Home window>Enable panels>Enable Now Playing Panel. Also there is video preview when your press"M" and scroll all the way down.

Xperience More v2.0 SkyDrive Presentation

Thanks for your reply,that's what I thought.But I want on startup, initiate the video panel.
Currently I use GIF animation for some panel,I know for that I need a very strong processor for video panel,
but I'm purely interested is this possible.Have video panel when the skin has loaded.
I apologize if I'm boring with my questions,I just want to make a little more lively skin.
Best regards
Skin added to the official repo.

I keep checking the Github source and it looks like some of the directories keep getting updated, but since the changelog isnt updated, it isn't clear if we should always update to the changed files or hold off. Can you clarify?

Also, my ATV2 still freezes whenever trying to shutdown from the main screen by pressing the down arrow and selecting the power icon. Is that a known bug or indicative of some script not being updated?

Finally, as I am a relative newbie, where do you find the following scripts you referenced as being needed to take advantage of all the skin has to offer:

service.skin.widgets v0.0.19
script.favourites v4.0.7
script.tvtunes v3.0.1
script.tv.show.next.aired v5.0.4
script.artwork.downloader v12.0.11
script.globalsearch v1.1.0
script.artistslideshow v1.4.6
script.weather.fanart.pda.style v1.0.0

The last days updates in Github are just for the requirements to add the skin to the official repo and they don't affect user experience. The best way to add the skin is through the XBMC add-ons system ( Settings -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons -> XBMC.org Add-ons -> Skin -> Xperience More) which for now has the most up-to-date version and also that way you won't have to manually install all those scripts except the Fanart PDA Style script which the link is on the first post. If you want to do a manual install from Github you have to install the scripts (if they are not already installed in your system) one by one manually from the XBMC add-ons system (again except the Fanart PDA Style script) or download them manual from the XBMC mirrors.

As for the ATV2 crashes i had no reports about this until now including the previous versions of the skin and sorry but i don't have ATV to test or reproduce it. In windows and Linux (Ubuntu) everything works fine.

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