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Full Version: Auto-sync refresh rate to match video causes heavy stuttering ...
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For some reason, if I enable "Auto-sync refresh rate to match video", 24fps mkv's (other formats might as well, have not tested it) stutter like crazy right from the start. It's like only 1 out of every 3 frames is displayed. I've tried messing with other playback settings such as the render method (software/shaders) and auto sync audio/video, but to no avail. It seems to be the "Auto-sync refresh rate to match video" setting that consistently causes this stuttering.

Here's the weird part, a workaround that I discovered by coincidence: While playing a movie and stuttering, if XBMC looses focus and then gets the focus again (for example if task manager is started and then closed immediately), everything becomes silky smooth again.

I'm running the latest stable version on Win7 32bit, using DXVA2.

GPU is a Radeon HD3850. One thing worth noting is that I'm currently running an old version of Catalyst because of some issues I was having with over/underscan in Catalyst 11.5. I have not yet checked to see if this issue is related to the Catalyst version I'm using, but I might do that soon.

Thought I'd ask here if anyone else has experienced this behaviour? Any solution perhaps? :confused2:
I've just noticed the same issue myself. I'm currently on the tail end of a reinstall of my media center and have noticed this issue cropping up. I am running catalyst 11.6 on my HD3450. I have not tweaked any settings yet so I'll let you know if one of them resolves the issue
Same problem here. I also had the problem MPC Home Cinema. Turning of the refresh rate sync fixed the problem for both XBMC and MPC.

What I noticed is that Win 7 did an auto update durning the PC startup, when the stuttering first occcured. Maybe it has something to do with that.

Also, I did not change anything myself and it worked before. So that's the only thing I can think of.

My config:
Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
Intel onboard graphics g45
XBMC Dharma
DXVA2, but turning this of did not fix it.

Somebody knows how to fix this?

I found the cause. Unchecking "use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen" in the settings -> system -> video fixed this stuttering for me. Also seems to have reduced my lipsync problems so I don't seem to need to slow the audio down by 100 ms as I almost always needed to do.

Does this work for you guys?
It's fixed my problems a great deal by doing above. No more stutter at all on my ati 6570 when using sync to source.

I posted this on another post which A poster helped me on as he said the same about that setting and a big thanks to him on that one.