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Full Version: Some tracks in Music show far longer length than they are
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This is happening with certain tracks in my Music library, where the length is way off. This is fudging up rewinding/forwarding, especially important with language lessons, because rewinding what should be 5 seconds or so winds up jumping way back in the track.

VLC showing proper length (and all other players, MPD, etc.) of the track:

XBMC Music playing it back:

I have just paused it in the above screenshot right near the end of the track, so it does show the correct time as it's playing back. The total time is way off, though.

I have updated library, cleaned library, hasn't made a difference. The track in question here is one of 30 of a German II set, and all 30 are the same. However, German I and III display correctly. :confused2:

Thanks for any help!