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Full Version: TVheadend autostart problem (Urgent)
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Hi all,

I just installed the xbmc-version on my htpc. I use your version with the PVR-add-on. The backend is tvheadend from the GIT-version from Andreas Ă–man.
The only problem I do have is the start-up, when I start the htpc where I directly choose xbmc than the xbmc system runs before the driver from TVheadend is loaded and than I don't have a chance to see TV.
That's really a big mess. not for me but for my childs :-(.

I installed Mythbuntu 11.04 because I'd started in the beginning with Mythtv, but found out that xbmc is easier to use for my personal purpose.

What can I do to solve the task? I have also 2 DVB cards installed DVB-S and DVB-T.

Maybe somebody can help me?

Isn't there anybody who can help with this matter

best regards