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Full Version: Getting XBMC to read .nfo
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I have organized all my movies with Media Companion, having it create the .nfo and .tbn files along with fan art.

When I point XBMC to my folder with the scrapers disabled, the poster art shows in the file view, but the library never populates.

When I point XBMC to my folder with the scrapers on, the poster art that I selected is not used, and the movie info from the .nfo is not used. It seems to rescrape everything, ignoring all the correction I made with Media Companion.

What should I be doing to have the Library populate with the .nfo metadata?
With settings scraper enabled, movie in focus.. hit 'I'nfomation on the keyboard... do you get an attempt for a scrape, or do you get information? If it scrapes does it say something like 'information found, use local or go fetch internet?' If it just re-scrapes directly, then there is something missing in your folder, or the .nfo is non standard and isn't seen properly...

I suspect that you're getting confused between the information in the folder as saved by the 3rd party program and XBMC's library scrape. To see easily what XBMC has in it's library, settings>Video>library>export library>save as individual files and the result should be saved in your movie folder.

When in information mode, you should be able to pick the saved image.jpg you want with a local browse on fanart/poster
Ok, I ran a test. I have 2 movies. One will scrape by XBMC to be fine, the other I know will not.

I have turned the scraper on, and added the test folder with the two movies in it. When I add the library I told it not to scan.

When I pick a filename and hit I it shows the data from the .nfo.

Then I go to the Library to view by title. Only the title that I hit up for info shows in the list.

I then returned to the root file view, and hit "scan for new content." from the logs it appears to have scraped from the .nfo and kept the poster art.

Odd, but seems to work now.
Why odd if it seems to work? Wink