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Full Version: How to Remove Thumbnail for Folder With No Movies?
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I have the following folder structure:

\movies\New Releases
  • \movies\ is setup as a video source with The MovieDB as the scraper and the source is set to use folder names for movie titles
  • Only folders, no files exist under \movies\New Releases\
  • All movies are placed in a folder with the movie name

In list view w/o library mode somehow the "New Releases" folder has been matched with a thumbnail for a movie that is not appropriate. I have stopped using XBMC because of this.

I have attempted the following to remove the thumbnail with no success
  • Edit the movie information for the New Releases folder by highlighting the folder and pressing the "C" button on the keyboard to bring up the context menu. I get the error message "no video files found at this path".
  • A "clean library" with no success.

How can I find and remove the thumbnail for the "New Releases" folder? Is there a way to force the "New Releases" folder to no movie?

XBMC 10.1