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Full Version: Cannot open mysql database on OS X / Crystalbuntu after iOS update
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after updating XBMC on my iPad, the library is empty on my Mac and Apple TV (running Crystalbuntu).

The log-file says: Can't open the database xbmc_video as it is a NEWER version than what we were expecting!".
As there is no new version available for crystalbuntu i cannot update the other machines.

OS X: XBMC 10.1
iOS: 10.0-9
Apple TV (Crystalbuntu): 10.1

How do i get back? / How can I get it working again?
Newer nightly builds have newer db struture delete your xbmc_video and xbmc_music recreate and repopulate.

Not sure if there is a non destructive way of doing this?

also your other clients may need to be running the same db version so atv and mac will need updating to nightly version.

Not sure if you can run clients with different db versions?
Its not a problem to get a nightly for OS X, but what about crystalbuntu?
I am running Sam Narzako's image on my atv's hdd. I don't know if it is possible for me to install an update....

I tried to get a nightly for os x, but it does not work very well.
It always says that it cannot get a connection to the server when scraping. And when i delete a file from my nas and tell xbmc to clean the library, nothing happens. Deleted movies remain in library....

I would love to delete the db but i cannot get into phpmyadmin.
Maybe i have to reinstall everything....
But then i wont be able to use xbmc on my ipad again (is it possible to get older versions?)