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Full Version: Streaming Content From the Net.
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I am new to xbmc,.

I have been trolling around for an addon or plugin to stream media from the web. No such joy so far. I have found netflix,hulu etc,.but they aren't quite what I'm looking for.

My goal is to access certain streaming link hosts such as http://www.tv-links.eu/. From this website I can select my preffered Tv Show and find a host of links to stream from.

Is there anything out there that will access this content much like the way the MTV plugin works.

As in retrieve lists, access various links, choose link, open player? and stream all within XBMC.

Many thanks.
Check out the plugin 'Live Streams' very configurable... you can set almost anything up to work with it.

Do you have any links or info on where to start with this whole internet streaming topic?

All I have found are old debates discussions relating to boxee with hulu etc,.

Do you know how far along the development is with streaming content inside xbmc?

I am looking for scripts and addons that will display streaming links much like the movies catorgory inside xbmc. From what I have found,. most are text based with a lot of button pushes,.(Iwould like to bypass these somehow)


http://forum.xbmc.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=27 This forum has a lot of discussions pertaining to these interests..

Of course you could go very simple... set one stream for each version of 'Live Streams... ' call each one a different name, give it a nice cover and you have a collection' of one click pony's. Most like the idea of hundreds of choices within each plug-in.. e.g. Yahoo, or Cnet with multiple choices.. each can be set-up with their own cover and background, and look as if you were cruising a database... well you are sorta. This is more or less self maintaining by the user, and depends on your interests combined with others.

The real issue with streaming media through plugins, is that the content providers are always changing their streaming content web pages and addresses (putting new content online, new folders etc) and the streaming addresses within the plugin need to change too. Plugins are kinda of borderline tolerated usage... the stream sources would much rather you come to their site with a browser and be manipulated by their advertisements which accounts for many issues with plugins. So in conclusion, I doubt very much that plugins will ever be compiled within XBMC the environment just changes too quickly.
Hmm,. interesting,.

I'm trying to avoid spending my time constantly updating my media. My goal is have this semi automatic.

What I have found very interesting is this link from lifehacker http://lifehacker.com/5771670/how-to-tur...o-recorder.

Any thoughts or opinions on this would be appreciated.

The concept of having the shows that you want automatically updated within the xbmc libaries sounds brilliant.

Then all I need to do is choose what shows I am interested in through the use of a Tv show pluggin.