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Full Version: Playback of 4:3 video
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I have a non-fatal but highly irritating problem.

I have a lot of 'old' videos, recorded on my old, now dead, hd-recorder all in 4:3 PAL "LP" mode (360*572, recorded from old VHS), when I try to play them on XBMC (10.1), they always plays in zoom mode, even though the settings says 4:3 should be played in normal mode, the result is an image where the top and bottom are missing.

When I set the mode for the playing video, it is used next time.

Is this an error in XBMC or a problem with the videos ?

Any ideas ?

I'd guess there's something different about the videos, though different doesn't necessarily mean wrong, because all the 4:3 videos I have play fine. It might be worth using MediaInfo or something like that to see what's in the files, and compare it to 4:3 videos that do work (assuming *any* 4:3 videos work :-).