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Full Version: tv shows that don't show
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I know I can go to videos and see everything in my library, but is there a way that I can force tv shows to turn up in "tv shows". There seems to be a good chunk of my library (1/3rd maybe) of tv shows that DO NOT SHOW ever under TV shows menu.

Is there a plug in that I can get that makes things appear? Or is there some way to put a special file in the folder or something that tells it to show up?

Is there a tool that lets me convince XBMC to use the name of a tv show rather than the one that it thinks is correct (e.g. to FIX a title and have it remember that I fixed it)?
You should look carefully at the naming conventions you use for the folders for your TV shows as well as the Season folders and individual files. XBMC just checks your file names against the TVdb. You might take a show that isn't showing and do a manual search on the TVDB website itself to see how the show's name is listed there. For example for my kid I have some old Mr. Rogers episodes XBMC would not identify until I figured out it was looking for the name "Mister Rogers Neighborhood", which the abreviation Mr. would never have brought up in a million years.

XBMC perfers season forlders titled things like "Season1" and shows titled with the epsiode information as either ShowNameS01E12 or ShowName01x12. If you have a bunch of older shows with no clue as to the episode information, for example i have again for my kid a ton of old Sesame Street's from the '70s that i have no idea what the episode numbers are, you will have to always access them through the Video files view, unfortunately.