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Full Version: New User - Help!
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Hi All

im new to these forums and was wondering if anyone could help me Smile

Ive set up XMBC on a fresh install of windows 7 x64 its going to be a dedicated machine behind my TV with HDMI input. However i seem to be struggling with the structure of the folders, for example you have a "Videos" folder now i created a custom folder called "Movies" but was wondering how to create sub catagories in the movies folder as i want separate folders for "Blu-Rays/HD movies" and "Div-X Films" same with a Folder "TV-Shows" i want a sub catagory for Documentaries. Any help would be greatly appreicated

Thanks guys Smile

You can do it that way. You would just add each as a source. For example you could have a folder structure like:

-- Movies
---- Blu-Rays/HD movies
---- Div-X Films

-- TV-Shows
---- Blu-Rays/HD movies
---- Div-X Films

Then you would add the Blu-Rays/HD movies and Div-X Films as sources under video and set the content of each source to use the appropriate scrapper. I think Documentaries will show up as a genre when in library mode, so you just add another subfolder for it, and add it as a source.

In my opinion this is more work for to keep it organized like this, and I do not do it, but it will work.
hi and welcome

You can create those folders then use xbmc add sources or add video and browse for them, you can name them whatever you want.

only thing is you have to watch is the scrapers for content e.g. your main folder "videos" shouldn't have any predefined content for any scraper, then sub-folders can be preset according to their contents.

this way not only you can just click on a source and have it go to movies, tv-show and documentaries etc but also be scraped correctly.


I will presume you are somewhat familiar how xbmc works and how scrapers work.
Looks like you're doing some of the effort XBMC does auto-magically... but it's good to set-up with some sort of folder/file structure that makes sense to you with the ease of maintenance in mind.

I have over 30 sub folders, listed by genre etc... I have one called HighDef, one called offline, clips, documentaries etc.. It's easy to locate movies quickly, make modifications, and move whole sections to new drives. Some have folders listed as the alphabet... In library mode, XBMC ignores your folder set-up and lists them according to your choice, by title, date, watched, genre (as reported by the scraper) and a few other parms. So you don't have to be too precise when organizing.

The manually set-up folders, do come in handy in 'filemode' zeroing in on select directories, to set globally TV series or wonky files.
Thanks for all the replies guys ill give that a shot when i get in Smile - Another thing am i right in believing when you create your sub folders you can have a back drop for each sub-folder by going into settings and appearence and changing the backdrops that way?
not sure about individual backdrops for each one via xbmc, since scrapers get either some fanart or whatever for your content.
In File and Folder view can have a thumbnail for each folder that will be displayed. Just name it the same as the folder it is in. See here on the wiki.
hunty-uk Wrote:Another thing am i right in believing when you create your sub folders you can have a back drop for each sub-folder by going into settings and appearence and changing the backdrops that way?
This is highly skin dependant... for the most part I would say yes. for example in the skin Transparency! I set-up a movie sub folder called extrafanart and stick in some nice attractive fanart... this becomes a slide show back drop for the genre, or if the movie warrants, a slideshow of that movie. I'm not sure what skins support this though, and I suppose there is a space/cpu penalty if your system is not speedy.

Want more.... try extrafolders

P.S. you change individual movie backdrops (called fanart) and covers (called folders) within the 'information' OSD of each movie by using the 'C' keyboard menu (information). Skin>Settings sets the images for home screen for various functions... stay clear of this until you feel comfortable manipulating images.