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Full Version: Odd issue with some videos
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I've noticed this (maybe) a handful of times now, but on random videos I seem to have a very odd issue, the video will go to play, but no audio and file seems to play a second, stop, play a second, stop, etc...

When a context menu is pulled up it shows the time of the film going up a second, back two, up one, up one, back two, etc... randomly going up three instead of two. Obviously this makes those videos unplayable.

I tried to google this issue, but I have no idea what this issue is called.

Any idea what is causing this, and how to fix it?

Edit: If it matters, I'm running XBMC on an Acer 1600, Win 7 - all other video playback is perfect
Fixed the issue. After taking notes about what videos were not working, I started to notice that it was only on videos with DD audio. Checked settings and realized that it was set as "DDD (AC3) capable receiver", unchecked that and everything works like a charm.

Thanks anyway.