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Full Version: Help with Mousemove keymaps?
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Is there any way to map mouse up down left right in the keymap folder?
I see mousemove>mousemove</mousemove but would like to have up and down seperate
never heard of such a thing xbmc supports mouse without any of that in default skin... Not that I use it tbh. ask in IRC freenode #xbmc-linux or other xbmc channel.
You cannot map separate movements of the mouse, no.
Becuase im using splashtop on ipad but i want to make mouse.xml tht would have mousemove"up?">up</mousemove"up?" could this be done trough eventghost or some other process maybe?
i believe that was a no... Jmarshall develops that stuff for XBMC, if he says no then its no.
@maseatx: Perhaps you could explain exactly what you want to achieve?
Are you trying to get the mouse to work like gestures on the iPad, i.e. if you "swipe" the mouse up it scrolls the list up just like swiping up on the iPad? If so then I'm afraid this can't be done.

It might be possible to have a click and drag work like a swipe, but I'd have to think about how this would be best done.

I suspect making the mouse "swipe" without click and drag would cause mayhem because any accidental movement of the mouse would do something.

Yes exactly
I wanted to make mouse movments = arrow movments but i suppose your right about mayham from any movment of the mouse and i guess the problem is more or less with splashtop not supporting swipes more than an xbmc issue. I was just trying to see if there could be an xbmc side suloution because with splashtop on ipad and xbmc on networked htpc (and some kind of keymap solution) this is the best way to control my media from another room or watch it from another location than my home.NodNodCool
Any help or ideas is appreciated

And also i think that if the mousemovment was maped out with arrows it might work very similar to the way ipad functions localy (with apps that are on ipad)