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Full Version: tv show episodes wont get scraped ?
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Im not sure where i should post this, im sorry if its in the wrong section.

I currently use a asrock with xbmc live on it.

The problem is a couple of months ago i started getting problem when trying to add new tvshows.
The episodes will not be added at all. The show info and everything works fine but not the episodes.
I ended up reinstalling xbmc live today in pure frustration and the problem is still there ?

Here is how the files are layed out on the server.

This one gets scraped fine.
\\NAS-69-0D-13\tv_serier_1\series\Farscape\Season 1\farscape.S01E01.NTSC.DVD.DD5.1.x264-h264iRMU.mkv

This one will not get scraped.
\\NAS-69-0D-13\tv_serier_1\series\Farscape\Season 1\farscape.S01E03.NTSC.DVD.DD5.1.x264-h264iRMU.mkv

Its the same in almost every tv show now. Some episodes get scraped some dont.

Its the strangest thing, and i need help.
I havnt found any help by searching these forums, mayby i searched for the wrong thing ?
Hi and welcome to the forums. Please enable debug logging in system settings and pastebin the entire log of the scrape session.
here is the log. Hopefully thats what you needed, its my first time trying to do a debug log.
I turned it on and tried to scrape game of thrones and farscape. Should be at the bottom somewhere mmm.

Please check your tvshow.nfo and make sure the <episodeguide> tag is in place.

EDIT: Any chance you generated the .nfo files with a 3rd party application?
In farscape there is no nfo files at all.

In game of thrones there is a nfo file and the episodeguide is in place.

I have not used another program to generate the files.
Please try with a recent nightly build and report back if the error still exists. In case you want to revert to latest stable, make sure to backup the entire xbmc profile folder first.
vdrfan Wrote:Please check your tvshow.nfo and make sure the <episodeguide> tag is in place.

EDIT: Any chance you generated the .nfo files with a 3rd party application?

When i think about it i installed boxee on my main computer a couple of months back.
I do belive boxee uses some external program to gather information of the files ?
I have no idea how boxee is handling your media, sorry.
Hi Croft

I got the same problem when scraping tv shows. It did work before, but not anymore. Anyways, like you just experienced the tv shows are not added because xbmc dont create nfo files for the shows. What I did to fix this was using Ember Media Manager to scrape the shows and create the nfo files. it might not be the solution you're looking for, but it works.
Thanks im gonna test it out Smile
XBMC doesn't need nfo files to scrape TV Show Info.

In fact it is safer if there is no nfo at all.