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Full Version: Make Weather Plus & Cover Flow Mods work together
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I hope this is the correct section to post in with my problem.

I'm on Darma (not nightly) using the Confluence skin. I'm trying to get the Cover Flow Mod and the Weather Plus add on to peacefully coexist in XBMC. I have extremely limited knowledge of XML coding. It seems that the two MODS both modify the "includes" file in the 720p directory. When I install a mod one overwrites the other and breaks the other's mod.

How can I get both of these mods working together? Is it easy or a big pain in the butt?

here are the two files

Cover Flow "includes" file

Weather Plus "includes" file
After getting no responses and refusing to give up I figured out how to get both mods working together Big Grin It was much easier than I thought. I took a wild shot in the dark and added the following line in the "includes" file in the 720p directory after you install both mods.

<include file="Views3dCoverView.xml" />

simple Smile