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Full Version: Season Fanart for TV Shows
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Like to have different Fanart for each season inside a TV show. Therefore activated GenreFanart in the skin extra settings and put an extra fanart in the season folder (fanart.jpg) as described in the note for the setting.

But it don't work Huh

Any suggestions?
you have to activate the tick in skin settings
I'm very sorry .. but what the hell is the tick setting HuhOoConfusedShocked
Got to settings, skin, and extra options.
There will be a setting that is for Seasonal Fanart.
The tick is the little bubble that let's you know it is enabled
In skin settings I have the following (my menu is in german, so I give you a shortened english translation):
- Activate ExtraFanart
- Activate GenreFanart

It doesn't matter what combination of this two options I activate, I don't have the different fanarts for each season.

I use Night (SVN) Version 1307673936. Maybe a problem in this version?
yeah, use the official XBMC repo version 1.5
it has that enabled
Ok, now I use the official version 1.5 from repo. It still doesn't work. The only option I activate in the ExtraOption menu is "Activate Genre Fanart on episode level".

What's wrong now ConfusedSad

It can't be so difficult?!?!?

Any further ideaHuh
I can't make this any simpler.