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Full Version: Multiple fanart images for movies/TV shows?
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I know you have to put them in the movie/tv folder.thats what it sayin the skin options whey you enable it. i was wonder how they have to be named or what folder in the movie folder. fanart1.png or \\extrafanart\fanart1.png in the movie/tv folder. I hope this makes sence what I'm asking. thank you for any help

It don't matter. Just drop any image in the "ExtraFanArt" folder and it will get picked up.

x:\TV Shows\Breaking Bad\ExtraFanArt\sillyPic.jpg
x:\TV Shows\Breaking Bad\ExtraFanArt\pants.jpg
x:\TV Shows\Breaking Bad\ExtraFanArt\notaname.jpg
x:\TV Shows\Breaking Bad\ExtraFanArt\andSoOn.jpg

The names of the image files don't matter with using the ExtraFanArt system
Thanks alot i will give that a try thanks again for all your help