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Full Version: [LIVE] Streaming TO Boxee
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Hello, I am currently running xbmc live on my asus PC. However my sister is running a boxee box for her TV.

I use the xbmc live to download all the shows/movie via sickbeard/couchpotato, so I was wondering how I would share these to the boxee.

I have tried the UPnP option but it labeled the TV shows incorrectly (it was just a bunch of numbers).

Is there any way to share these files using another protocol? or something?

Any help on the subject would be appreciated, Thanks.
You could use samba to share the folders which contain you videos on the xbmc live install. These would then be visible from any windows or Linux machine on the same network. You could also try serviio which is a upnp server, similar to what xbmc already has built in, but it has the ability to transcode your media.

I use both, pretty much samba to share to PC's and serviio to stream to my ps3 and android phone.