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Full Version: [LIVE] NFS not automounting on startup
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Trying to setup my main XBMC live system. I've got NFS and mySQL running and was able to create my NFS Share. It works if I manually run sudo mount -a. My problem is that I have a usb WIFI adapter on this system. It appears that the WIFI adapter is not getting enabled in time for system to mount the NFS share.

How can I update this so that it mounts after the WIFI connection is established?
NFS is started way before wifi + you add overhead like passwords and authentication and walla you get what you describe.

if your mounting NFS shares with fstab it is also processed before networking is up.

You have to delay the NFS startup

try adding this to your rc.local
sleep 3
mount -a -t nfs
also if you google delay NFS mount or startup you get tons of helpful hits.
Check out autofs. That way you're not using it before Wifi is up.