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Full Version: Opdenkamp pvr branch - Instant crash on entering Video Directory
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Well, since several revision back, around a month all version have the following bug:

i have several video file sources. if i enter one of them (entering a listing of video files) xbmc instantly crashes to desktop. behaviour is 100% reproducable.

this does not happen if i go through the movies menu entry with something like a poster view or similar. it happens only in the video entry going to the a video source being a directory on my hdd.

i already tried deleting ".xbmc" and for a first start it seemed to work. second time it crashed again.

looking into crashlog (no matter if debug is on or not) does not seem to reveal any additional infos. but usefull could be this:

i get one or two times this before it crashes (if it is two times then its related to two different movies):
15:00:07 T:140031628928768 M:2854043648 DEBUG: DoWork - trying to extract filestream details from video file /home/costin/Videos/Videos2/Action/Auftrag Rache (2010).mkv

i also tested using only a single directory with only one movie file. it also crashed no matter what movie i used.

EDIT: according to xbmc systeminfo this last working version is:
XBMC PRE-11.0 GIT:20110602-23afa8e
Nobody will be able to help you without a full debug log. It should contain a stack trace that gives the developer info on the state xbmc was in when it crashed, at least if gdb is installed on xbmc-live by default, but I think it is.