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Full Version: XBMc installed.... how to see server?
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I just installed XBMC Live on my acer revo... for now its connected via cable...

I have a windows home server 2008 whichi would like to keep since i use it for work files as well as my media, but if there is an easier way i might be open to switching.

I also have a winxp laptop which i,'m using to test with as well...

What do i need to do in order for the acer to see my WHS machine?

Is there an easier setup i should be using rather then WHS?

One reason i figured on using WHs was so i could use the apps to scrape lib. Info and so forth. I'm not super great with linux but I'd rather stick with that for my XBMC machine.

Can you see it via SMB?
I'mi not sure...

In network settings in xbmc there is a setting for wins server and workgroup. The wins server is blank and the workgroup is the same as my server...

Should I put the IP address of my server in the wins setting?
First, drop to a CLI session and see if you can ping your server. If so, you can proceed, if not, look into why ping isn't working.

Then, you need to determine how you want XBMC to access the server. Are you going to use UPnP or SMB? I'd recommend SMB, as it simplifies some things. Then you just add the sources in their respective places, e.g. under the Videos, Music, and Pictures menu items, click on "Add Source" and go to town.

As an example, I have a NAS with all of my movies on it that is shared via SMB, I have a read-only account set up specifically for XBMC. To add that source, I click on the Videos option on the Home screen, then click "Add Source". On the popup box I highlight the source field and click it, which opens up a new dialog box for the source information. In that I enter the following:

In my specific case it would be:

Where is the IP of my NAS and "videos" is the share that has all of my movies. You can also use the name of the server instead of the IP, but using the IP address is less problematic should something go wonky.
Thanks... I'm making some progress. Smile

I can see the machine, both via the shell and within xbmc... I added it as a source and everything. It seems to be good... I just did the couple of media files I have on my laptop to make sure everything it working. (Plus my boot drive on my server is clicking - so I'm trying not to use it until I get a new drive which hopefully I'll be able to clone before it totally dies. Ugh)

So now that I have that part working... I'm going to setup the folder structure like I ahve on my server and see if I can get a scraper to work and stuff.

Pretty stoked... Up til now I've been using my PS3 for a media player, but I wanna get this up and running. Smile