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Full Version: Shuttle XS35GT
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Hi there. Please could someone help me. I would like to know if this system can be powered on using a remote... i.e not when it is in standby/hibernate but when it is fully off?

ThanksBig Grin
Thats a hard question to answer, Personally I would have to know the system, the system bios and all relevant options, and if bios allows it and some jumper has to be set or not, then it becomes a question to have the remote/receiver properly configured, and the receiver has to be plugged into a usb port that has power even when system is completely off.

All and all a long and tedious job I would only venture with system in front of me. Not over forums. Sorry.
You won't be able to power it on when it is fully off, since this would mean no power is used to drive the USB receiver. There is no built in receiver in this case so you'll have to buy a remote that comes with a IR dongle (many do). I bought the XS35GT as an XBMC box last fall running Windows 7 and loved it so much that I ended up giving it to my sister Smile

The box uses very little power in standby mode, so I would just rely on hibernation and pretend that I turned the box on & off with the remote Smile
the remote with internal receiver is not a problem, the problem is if the bios EUP can be disabled and allow power to the internal reciver that comes with a remote like this


\\edit or steal the power from the board with a internal receiver not dissimilar from above but with pics http://www.hd-plex.com/remote.control.html

this is why I said its a long tedious job (not for a topic), certainly not impossible just involved and perhaps not for every user.