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Full Version: Look at me I donated!
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I donated a well deserved $55 on July 14th. Could I be added to the "Member +" group please? I put my forum username in the paypal special instructions but alas it's still not redolent in that lovely red hue.
processed ~ once a week, sorry for the delay.
spiff Wrote:processed ~ once a week, sorry for the delay.
No problem, I wasn't irate. Just didn't know it was a once weekly type of deal. Thanks for the quick reply! Are you the same "spiff" that's on the xbmc4xbox forums?
The problem is that paypal doesn't bother notifying us all the time - what's worse is it does notify us 99% of the time, so we get a false sense of security about the quality of their "service".

Either way it makes it far too easy to miss things accidentally, so thanks for letting us know, and ofcourse, thanks heaps for the donation. Smile

look at me I donated too so long ago and I dont care... so passe.
I allso donated,
a long time ago... No red name Sad