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Full Version: TVDB scrapper / error when film not found
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Hi, I've been having an issue while scrapping films using TMDB, if a specific file is not found in the TMDB database then I get a "Unable to connect to remote server. Would you like to continue scanning" message.

I have no connection issues, the TMDB site seems to be working OK.

In fact, if I change the filename to one that TMDB recognizes, then the "unable to connect" message is gone and the file is scanned and added to the library without issues.

I'm using a nightly build of XBMC compiled Jul 2, 2011. In another box I'm running 10.1 stable accessing the same files under the same network, the TVDB scrapper runs just fine (meaning, if something is not found its skipped and continues scanning the next file)

Anyone has seen this problem?

update, july 2 is a catastrophy wrt scraping, in the middle of a refactor.