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Full Version: Square CD Covers?
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Is there any way to get square CD Covers in Transparency (lastest XBMC, Lastest Transparency) on Fanart view? The one at the bottom? They display all oblong, like DVD covers. (I've deselected show box/border, but they're still the wrong ratio.

All of my CD covers (folder.jpg) are 600x600 or 700x700 etc. I hate seeing them all squished. Is there a line in the code I can change to make it "IF music THEN display "folder.jpg" width = 400 height = 400" or something? Or would that break the DVD view?

hmm...they are supposed to be square.

are you only having this issue in fanart view or are other views affected as well?

the skin is coded in 720p, meaning it'll only look good on a 16:9 aspect display. if your monitor/tv is using a different aspect-ratio, the may get stretched in certain parts of the skin.

also, a screenshot might help :-)
aha... dangit (is that a word?) someone had messed about with the settings and put it at a non-widescreen ratio. Problem solved lol (really should have checked that first). Sorry Ronie