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Full Version: 10-bit h264 (Hi10) Support?
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@jpsdr: I know your file is 8 bits. Thats why I pointed out that I'm using the 10bit release for testing, to avoid confusion.

And an i7 is definitely a good choice for some releases Smile .
Sorry... I didn't know they had made another release in 10bits.
Death-Axe Wrote:I haven't had any troubles at all with 8 bit playback on my machine. Have yet to test 10 bit due to lack of software support.

That's because of that bolted on hardware I mentioned (the h264 decoder ASIC). If you tried playing back 720/1080p MKVs in software only mode (CPU decoding) then you'd hit the same issue as there'll be with 10bit. The Atom, for lack of a better word, is slow. The Pentium 4 about a decade ago, was just as fast, if not faster, and we all know that's not really kitted out to deal with modern video either.


The Atom is sometimes faster than the P4, but only because it's leveraging multiple cores, when you compare the results which are one core vs one core, the P4 wins. In fact the single core P4 STILL wins vs both cores in the Atom at times. The Atom is obviously massively more power efficient and wins sometimes because it's dual core, but even then it's often not far ahead, an equivalent dual core P4 wouldn't lose a single test vs Atom except for memory bandwidth, simply because Atom uses DDR2 usually.
I've tested.
Subtitles : It is indeed made from an old release, as it works "as before", before recent changes. Nevertheless, the same file still fails on subtitles.
Ordered chapters : The only one serie i have for now worked fine. I've nevertheless only tested on one file of the whole serie (the only one i have avaible now).
Good begining.
@sereny: fyi
- Darker Than Black and Fate/Stay Night problems solved, THORA files contains single edition which is marked as hidden so there was nothing to play Smile. I made it to select first edition when there is no single not-hidden edition.
- Gurren Lagann problem solved, Matroska specification states that only segments with same characteristics can be linked so I has there checks for it. But in case of TTGL opening + episodes are 23.976 fps and ending is 59.xxx fps. Anyway it plays fine in MPC-HC so I tried to remove fps check in XBMC and it play fine too. I only plan to leave there warning in log because I guess different fps in middle of stream can mess things a bit.
- Death Note problem happen on my computer too and right now I have no idea what to do with it Smile. But I didn't get too deep in it too.

@jpsdr: It would be better to test more different series than all files from one, because I guess each group is consistent with filling matroska headers over whole series.
Btw I tested your Bakemonogatari file in my MPC-HC and it failed on subtitles too :p. But I didn't updated it for some time.
I have for now only one serie with ordered chapters...

File of course works fine for me both in MPC-HC and last nighty builds. But more important, it should work properly with very recent nighty builds of xbmc for you, otherwise, it's not normal.

For MPC-HC, maybe updating directvobsub is more important than updating MPC-HC, but it can't harm updating both.

I personnaly get my versions here.
There is often updated builds of MPC-HC, Directvobsub and ffdshow, and i keep my versions up to date from here.

For ordered chapters in mkv, i've always thought it was Haali splitter (i've configured to handle mkv) i've installed and not MPC-HC wich handled them...
jpsdr Wrote:For ordered chapters in mkv, i've always thought it was Haali splitter (i've configured to handle mkv) i've installed and not MPC-HC wich handled them...
Yeah, it's done by splitter/demuxer, I only mentioned MPC-HC (bit jokingly Smile) because of problems with subtitles, not because of Ordered chapters.
@bambi73: Cool. I'm happy that I could be of help. I guess that all newer releases with ordered chapters should work out of the box now.

On another, slightly different note, as you know a bit about the code: How hard would it be to display chapter-info/names as a list on the screen, with selectability? I'm thinking along the lines of abusing something like the bookmarks-window by filling it with chapter-names. The information (names/times) is already present in XBMC, so... would it be hard to integrate?

/edit: Slap me if this feature is already in XBMC, but if it is, i certainly have a hard time finding it...
bambi73, you want a dedicated thread for this? Seems you've become the best solution for Windows users.

I never really got anywhere with the wiki page for Hi10P playback, since I've been busy with the rest of the wiki and getting it up to date, but if anyone wants to add anything to it feel free to do so. Just register an account and you're able to edit.

bambi73: Using your latest build, ordered chapters work wonderfully, however encoding surround sound to AC3 seems to be broken. My crappy receiver doesn't support DTS, so I'm stuck with either stereo sound or no sound at all. Just thought I'd give you a heads up. Thanks for your hard work! Smile
@sereny: Yes, chapter informations are available, but I'm not sure how hard is to propagate them to somewhere in GUI. I never checked this part of code.

@ned Scott: I plan to make thread about Ordered chapters + Hi10P in XBMC development subforum (and maybe some kind of link in Windows subforum), but lately I was quity busy and maybe bit lazy to write everything what I want Wink
About Hi10P support on wiki, I guess there is everything major what an average user need to know. Maybe some technical "babbling", but I'm not sure if it's interesting for users.

@maruchan: Does it mean that your problems with AC3 are caused by latest Ordered chapters build and on regulat nightlies it plays fine? Can you give me example? PM if you don't want to post it here.
bambi73: Yeah, the latest nightly works fine and your previous build did as well. It's the new one you posted with support for Ordered Chapters that seems to break it. If I have 'Receiver supports AC3' checked in the system settings, I get no audio if the track is DTS (since it has to be re-encoded to AC3 on the fly.) I'll try to PM you a debug log and sample file later tonight.
Thanks a lot for your work, bambi73.
I got the time to finally test your newest build and so far both hi10 and ordered chapters work great. Now even with deinterlacing disabled. Smile
The preview pictures though still have that greenish effect seen on the last screenshot of http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=926...tcount=178
Is that normal?
You need to delete the old thumbnails.
Oh okay. I reinstalled XBMC including deleting my profile data and gone were the green preview windows. Smile

btw. looks like the implemented ordered chapters function seems to have problems with some releases by THORA, i.e.

When I try to play those files, nothing happens. ef is connecting the episodes to Opening files (Endings are part of the episodes), Tenchi is connecting them to Opening and Ending files.

Here's the relevant part of the xbmc.log for Tenchi Muyo 01.


Disregard this posting. The issue has already been adressed.
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