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Full Version: XBMC freezes in video library
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Hi guys, recently i have come to strange problems. Suddenly, when i go to movie library and start scrolling either with mouse or with keyboard, the xbmc freezes. I have done no special configuration to xbmc recently.
I tested movie library on other skins and there it worked ok. Have you any idea what could be the problem?
are you perhaps using the tvtunes addon?
if so, try if disabling it helps (Settings > Skin Settings > Scripts)

if not, Debug Log please :-)
well, i have found the cause, somehow, there was problem with on .rar-ed movie, don't know why, but xbmc had problem extracting it. After extracting it manually everything works fine.
I'm doing the same thing. Didn't think it was a T thing, so much as a script thing. I'm stalling much more on TV shows, and just assumed it might be the next aired script dragging.

I've got all my stuff on a several hard drives on a NAS, and thought between the scripts and searching through separated drives, that was causing it.

Will look for your solution and see if I can get the same result.

Thanks, Sean

T is the best, Ronie. Please keep doing great things.