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Full Version: SACD/DSDIFF playback in XBMC
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I'll try this with my new ASROCK Beebox (latest Openelec / and later with W7 or so to cover Intel)...
I will share my results...Nod
Hi A-Swiss,

thanks for your help Smile, any luck?
I'm pretty busy these days - testing postponed to weekend... but will tell... promised
Hi there,
This topic seems to be kind of dead with not getting somebody with programming skill interested enough. It is frustrating that Kodi can already play .dfs/.dff files but not scan them to the library. This does not feel like a huge step to take. Unfortunately I am a biochemist with no coding skills and thus must rely on some helpful soul to do this work. But please correct me if I am wrong and somebody has already taken on this job or will do so eventually. Hope dies last.

i already added this, i offered the work to upstream. it got stopped by somebody protesting the 'music' in the class name when it can also be used for videos, even though there are no separate tag readers for videos.

i will NOT make another attempt. i refuse to deal with such nonsense.
So this is really a formality? Is there anything I can do to support this getting added?
Sorry for my ignorance and just to be sure: the commits represent the work that - when integrated into Kodi - would allow SACD tag reading? How do I ask upstream?
no, not SACD, DSF tags.

SACD requires more stuff, i have done that as well but i never tried to take that upstream as it's too much WIP. in particular, since there is no DST support in ffmpeg i have to decode in the input layer and this creates all sorts of issues. code is at https://github.com/notspiff/vfs.sacd for reference.
Ok, .dsf is actually what I am using anyway. And how do I contact upstream about adding this to the main fork?
typically you open a pull request on github.
Isn't that something the author does (and I assume you have already done that)?
i tried. since it's not fair that you guys should suffer, i have opened a retry. track progress here https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/8212
Thanks. Sounds like there were some personal issues involved. This should not get in the way of making Kodi a better software. I will sign up at GitHub to post my support for this via comments (I guess that is the way to do it, right?) and would encourage anybody else waiting for this feature to do the same.

+1 on github is frowned upon. please refrain from that. post here instead.
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