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Full Version: SACD/DSDIFF playback in XBMC
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(2015-10-16, 13:51)ironic_monkey Wrote: [ -> ]note that only basic tags are read (artist, title, album, track) - if you are missing something shout and it can easily be added.

I've noticed replaygain isn't applied to dsf files, is it because kodi doesn't read the tag?
If so it would be nice to have replaygain, genre and date tags support. If it's not too much asking. I'm already glad with the basic support. Now I have to convert all my sacds to dsf and drop the flac files Big Grin
yes, replaygain is lacking for the same reason.
(2015-10-16, 14:12)ironic_monkey Wrote: [ -> ]can you make a minimal sample with all tags requested. it's not entirely trivial to know what they are exposed as from ffmpeg side (it's a general string map..).

I won't be able to that until after the weekend. I hope someone else can step up, and if not I'll do it after the weekend.
It seems to work for me for only some of my .dsf files. Which tag-writer do you use or what is required for Kodi to read the tags?
I use last version of mp3tag (windows, through wine on linux). It seems there's a plugin for Picard but it didn't work for me.
Thanks, that seems to work.
Actually the Picard plugin is working, here's the link:
Picard dsf file support
@ ironic_monkey: do you still require that minimal sample .dsf file? If so I am happy to help out with a short track.
yup, still waiting.
Ok, I have a 30 s track (25 MB) that contains the tags available via MP3tag and replay gain via foobar2000. How can I send you the file?
I am running 15.2
Should I be seeing tags on my dsf files?
i was not able so far, to have my DSF Files added to the Kodi DB.
maybe there's something missing by default.
anyone have tagged DSF Files in their DB?
Hi all.
Finally, is Kodi can play dsd files (native or in DOP) via an external usb DAC compatible?
@A-Swiss none of these files have "extended" tags afaict.
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