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Full Version: SACD/DSDIFF playback in XBMC
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@ironic_monkey This is a bit off-topic, but does your add-on allow to playback DVD-A ISOs? If I remember correctly, MLP was already supported... just no way to get to the files.
would be nice to see this add-on develop more. Crackling = crack in the head
no, the addon is only for sacd's. dvd-a is completely different beasts (i thought they were close to vanilla dvd's apart from a different drm scheme).

sorry guys i've have very little time these days and a single iso sample. it works for that but not for a lot of others (not my code but the underlying library used). combined with the nasty decode in input required and i kinda lost interest. the code is out there, whomever wants to pick it up can do so. last i worked on it i got sidetracked as i *think* ffmpeg somehow supports the dst compression now (to avoid the decode in input), but i have not found out how you are supposed to enable it. it certainly isn't auto-detected.

Looks like this thread has been pretty dead for a while. I'd love to have support for passthrough of SACD and DSF files to my receiver via HDMI.

which is not related to this thread at all.
Reading through the thread it comes up quite often though. But hey, sorry if I've misundastood...
no worries, just didn't want you to stay confused. this is just a vfs add-on - its *output* is dsf files, passthrough etc would be player and audio output stuff.
Yeah, that's not what I'm after. Oh well, guess my receiver can do the job using files on the NAS drive :-)
My yearly bump with some current information. An SACD ISO parser was not ported to KODI (from foobar2000) yet because there were some legal concerns (and possibly not enough general interest). However, the SACD Philips and Sony SACD patents seem to have run out in 2017 except for one patent which deals with the specific file structure.

For the interested, there is also a project pending which would enable direct native DSD playback via HDMI: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/73956275
Hopefully, some audiophiles which are also KODI programmers will take notice:-)
I found this page: https://github.com/notspiff/vfs.sacd

It looks like this addon was included in the Libreelec Leia 0508 (and newer ?) builds. Am I right ?
Hello and a thank you to HeresJohnny, who referred me to this thread.

Since a few weeks I am looking for a multimedia player that is able to play tagged multichannel hires- PCM & DSD files.

Kodi is "my first attempt" and, of course, I came across the problem of "crackling noises" between the tracks.
I have opened a ticket in the trac system.
In my experience with It projects it is always an advantage to store a lean problem description in a structured database and to hold discussions on it elsewhere (here).
Kodi would really be "my dream" if it could easily play dsf files.

I had also made an attempt with Leia n706, but an SACD Iso was not recognized as an playable audio file.
Unfortunately in Leia nightlies the playback of 5.1 dsf's got completely messed up, not usable at all (stuttering, echoes, low volume..).
I hope there will be some debugging efforts before release.

The only "workaround" I have found is like this:
I extract the 5.1 tracks of a sacd-iso into one large dsf file and let the converter create a cue sheet.
Within  Kodi 17 I can (at least) browse into the corresponding folder and play the album without any harmful noise.
The tracks can also be used in playlists.
But I haven't checked if I can enrich the library with it yet.
The tracks are probably not automatically recognized, and the only info is artist, title (album?)

Since foobar can play DSF files and SACD ISO's perfectly, does that mean they paid a license fee for decoders ?
I think the remaining patents on sacd recently expired.
(2018-06-29, 15:38)blueribb Wrote: [ -> ]I found this page: https://github.com/notspiff/vfs.sacd

It looks like this addon was included in the Libreelec Leia 0508 (and newer ?) builds. Am I right ?
 Hi blueribb,

I can happily report that the addon compiles successfully (only on Linux so far) for Leia and playback of SACD ISOs works:

                            Image                 Image

With a bit of luck and a minimum of user demand, we might see it come to LibreELEC before christmas   Wink .
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