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Full Version: SACD/DSDIFF playback in XBMC
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Just for the record (maybe you already know that)
but the developpers of JRiver mediacenter have introduce the support of SACD iso, still some issues but it is working quite fine.
Don't know if they did that because their software is not free ??!!!
Am I correct to conclude that currently the only way to play ripped SACDs (.dff or .iso) in XBMC is with foobar as an external player? What do you people do? Convert to flac as an interim solution?

Thought I'd give this thread a bump. Now that we're in the end-stages of the Frodo release with the new audio engine, is there any chance that this topic might see some sort of revival?
It would be seen as a feature addition, so it would only be considered after Frodo is released, since we are in feature freeze (aka, bug fixes only) mode.
Does an actual feature request exist for this? If not, I'd be happy to log one so it at least gets on the dev team's radar at some point.
I too would love to se SACD support in XBMC.
(2012-05-31, 21:27)DDDamian Wrote: [ -> ]Part of that code is is not GPL-compatible, so licensing issues exist. This includes with Foobar. Technically we cannot use/modify/distribute those components, which are essential for decoding DST (compressed DSD).

As DDDamian said before, licensing issues. I guess it's a no go for now. It's a real pity. I also have many sacd discs and some sacd iso that I'd love to listen to with xbmc.
The XBMC seems to take a pro-active stance on this, whereas the programmer of the foobar2000 plugin takes a re-active stance. Meaning, XBMC already says it's impossible to use whereas foobar2000 goes ahead and puts the decoder out there until someone waves the DMCA at them.

Now, I haven't analyzed the licenses employed by either software in-depth, so I can't say how much a possible infringement by a plugin would "poison" the main software. However, such an infringement is not evident to everybody, nor would it be effective worldwide. IMHO, the correct path is the one Max takes with his foobar2000 pluging: Publish it, until someone comes along with the proper authorization and demands takedown.

If everyone in the field of programming would hold back on their ideas just because they *ASSUMED* some part of their code *MIGHT* infringe somebody, there would never be progress. There might even be a fair use argument applicable for SACD decoding. In any case, nobody has come forward yet against the foobar2000 sacddecoder plugin and I doubt anybody will. This is just a small niche, infinitely smaller than what happened with breaking the DVD-V encrpytion back then.
So what you mean is: it is OK to steal as long as there is no one to see it?
Your reply is polemic and as such doesn't further the discussion. As far as I know, Philips has been consulted if they would be ok with using their code, and they have not replied. No reply signals tolerance in my book. Compare it with Youtube, it's ok that users upload content as long as no rights owner comes and asks for it to be taken down. Such is our digital age, some stuff is impossible to verify.

However, this is not even a question of content since copying an SACD is a different process. I'm only talking about decoding DSD and DST codecs. There is other software out there that doesn't seem to have copyright issues, like JRiver Media Centre.
Licensing does not work like that. If you have no explicit authorization you have no right to do anything with the code.

JRiver Media Centre or Foobar are non free code and thus may not need to be so careful about borrowing code from other software.

According to https://bugzilla.libav.org/show_bug.cgi?id=233 what seems to be problematic is the DST part.
The copyright notice reads:
Quote:This software was originally developed by:

* Aad Rijnberg
Philips Digital Systems Laboratories Eindhoven
<[email protected]>

* Fons Bruekers
Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven
<[email protected]>

* Eric Knapen
Philips Digital Systems Laboratories Eindhoven
<[email protected]>

And edited by:

* Richard Theelen
Philips Digital Systems Laboratories Eindhoven
<[email protected]>

* Maxim Anisiutkin
ICT Group
<[email protected]>

in the course of development of the MPEG-4 Audio standard ISO-14496-1, 2 and 3.
This software module is an implementation of a part of one or more MPEG-4 Audio
tools as specified by the MPEG-4 Audio standard. ISO/IEC gives users of the
MPEG-4 Audio standards free licence to this software module or modifications
thereof for use in hardware or software products claiming conformance to the
MPEG-4 Audio standards. Those intending to use this software module in hardware
or software products are advised that this use may infringe existing patents.
The original developers of this software of this module and their company,
the subsequent editors and their companies, and ISO/EIC have no liability for
use of this software module or modifications thereof in an implementation.
Copyright is not released for non MPEG-4 Audio conforming products. The
original developer retains full right to use this code for his/her own purpose,
assign or donate the code to a third party and to inhibit third party from
using the code for non MPEG-4 Audio conforming products. This copyright notice
must be included in all copies of derivative works. (...)

If I interpret it correctly, it's not prohibited per se to use the code in MPEG-4 Audio standard compliant software. The original developer may however opt to inhibit XBMC from using the code. Still, silence to a use request is not a prohibition in this sense, IMHO. Rather the wording would support my previous opionion that it may be used until forbidden.

I don't claim to be an expert in licensing issues, so an expert opinion of ISO code in GPL would be helpful.

I would also like to direct your attention to https://ffmpeg.org/legal.html - especially the last section "Patent Mini-FAQ / MPEG-4" where they take a similar stance as I have suggested.
Well maybe you are right there...
Tell me, please, will play SACD image on XBMC?
Or even be the format. Dff?
Is there any news on this?
I really hope XBMC supports SACD iso playback in the future. I have over 100 SACDs and now need to use foobar2000 as an external player, which is definitely not a good solution. There is no way to queue albums, and CEC doesn't work on foobar2000.
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