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Full Version: SACD/DSDIFF playback in XBMC
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(2014-09-13, 22:36)Wanilton Wrote: [ -> ]I tested and work fine in Kodi, play tracks with dsd or dff extension files, but don´t work playing iso SACD, it´s by design? or need other extensions for this work too.

It appears that only dsd or dff are explicitly supported. What happens when you select the iso? does it seem to try and load? does nothing? or something else?
Have you tried adding iso as a music extension because I don't think it is supported by default see advancedsettings.xml#musicextensions (wiki)

If still failing after that then produce a debug log.

Also out of curiosity, what exactly is contained in a SACD iso? can you open in isobuster or similar and grab and screenshot of the contained files please.

[edit] A quick chat with fritsch on irc and he thinks supporting iso won't be possible, only the ripped dsd or dff formats, so I'll leve it up to you if you want to still try the above on the off chance it may work.
Fritsch said: Currently is not possible. We basically don't understand what that iso contains, e.g. we cannot read the SACD layout. This needs to be implemented and is not something easy as it was to add the dsf, dff file extensions.
Thanks fritsch and jjd-uk, for info.

I have one sacd disc with this content




I put extension .2CH and MCH (via advanced settings file), but don´t work too, I will provide debug log soon, I point manually for track, for course, no audio when try playing.

ERROR: CAudioDecoder: Unable to Init Codec while loading file N:\Musics\SACD Testes\TRACK001.MCH
17:29:45 T:10428 WARNING: PAPlayer::QueueNextFileEx - Failed to create the decoder
please delete this post
The lack of SACD playback in XBMC has been bugging me for a while now so I am excited to hear that some members have been successful with Kodi.
I have a couple of DSF files but unfortunately I am not able to play them in Kodi.
Could those of you who had success paste a detailed description of what needs to be done to get this working?

Many thanks in advance,
selecting the file is all it should take.
I assume that I have to add the extensions (dsf, dff) via the advancedsettings.xml file? Could you post your version of it?
nope, they are there by default. if you can see the files...
I cannot see the files (dsf).

You have to use the last Monthly Build or one of last Nightly builds to be able to play the files. No ISO support yet. When using the last releases don't need to add the extensions in advancedsettings, at least for dff files.

I hope the same can be added to support for MLP files too.

mlp has been long supported, just missing the extension. @fritsch.
I installed the Kodi monthly release last week so I guess it might be having dsf instead of dff. Can I rename the files since the only difference is possibly metadata? I'll try tonight.
Installing the latest nightly version lets me at least see the dsf files and play them. However, I do not get any sound. The only way to get sound is to set the Output configuration to any of the fixes sampling rates but this way audio passthrough is not possible. My Pioneer LX85 receiver should be able to handle the dsd signal.
The error message in the log file is: CAESinkDirectSound::Initialize: cannot create secondary buffer (DSERR_INVALIDPARAM)

Are there any experiences in terms of the quality of the conversion from dsd/dsf/dff to pcm? Which sampling rate is recommended?

Many thanks!
on windows, you must use WASAPI for passthrough
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