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Full Version: Lists on the left thoughts for new confluence.
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Lists on the left and images on the right don't work IMHO. (referring to new list and media info views). Here's why:

Most languages are read left to right, so a left oriented list forces the eye to the extreme left of the screen. Simultaneous viewing of right aligned images becomes difficult or impossible without moving the head. The bigger the TV the bigger the head move. It's like watching tennis.

The list on the right, however, focuses the eye on the center of the screen, which allows the left-aligned images to be seen at the same time. A much more natural and fluid scanning of all content on the page - including the images is achieved with right-based lists.

Just a thought.
I would love to know what size screen you have and how far away you sit that requires you to move your head left to right Huh
projector about 8 feet away from screen. big image, never really measured it. 8 feet maybe?