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Full Version: TV show Season Fanart not fully loading in Library mode
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Greetings, I have searched long and hard, cant seem to find information on this.

I have a recent copy of xbmc on windows. I have Ember Media Manager.

When I look in file view mode for a tv show I can hover my mouse over each season and see a unique fanart image for each one. When I go to Library mode and do the same thing I get stuck with only 1 fanart picture for all.

Ive tried deleting and readding source, refreshing show information, scanned new content, deleted fanart cache. Ive also tried different naming conventions e.g.

Library mode is perfect for how I want, but fileview mode at the moment looks better because it can see so many different fanarts for the different seasons, does anyone have any ideas? Am I doing something wrong or is this a known issue?

Thanks in advance
This 'season specific' fanart has to be supported by the skin (I think Transparency does), the correct way is this (your first example):
live4ever Wrote:This 'season specific' fanart has to be supported by the skin (I think Transparency does), the correct way is this (your first example):

Most skins do support this now days
I see, thanks.. I am using PM3. Isnt it weird how Fileview shows them and library view doesn't? I guess the skin is the same for both modes, so maybe the skin settings are the root of the problem indeed. Well fileview must pick up the images directly from the folder, whereas the library mode would be caching them locally? So maybe its somewhere in the cache part of the skin settings for library mode. Im tempted to have a look at the skin config files but might take me a while to work out. I would change to another skin but pm3 is the one I thinks amazing. I will try out Transparency though, I cant remember seeing that one. thanks again
I must say the Transparency skin does look quite decent. But I have just tested it and I get the exact same behaviour.

A further bug I noticed is in fileview mode. The season fanart only works from the season view once you open up a season and hover over an epiosde. Once the episode is hovered the fanart is visible, then when you drop back a level back to the season view the fan art for that season is visible there too, that means I would have to go into each season seperately to be able to see all the fanart's at the season list screen.

I have nearly 30 tv shows so this will take me a while, but I dont mind, but this workaround is for fileview only and I wanted to only be using library mode.

I could have 1 fan art for all seasons i guess, but I cant understand why filemode would have the feature I want. I basically needed to know if this behaviour is normal, I am going to check the skin files but thats gona be an epic mission, i doubt my prospects of finding what im looking for ;(
As noted this behaviour is largely skin dependant. EMM should allow for series and specific season covers, and all seasons... with all seasons in focus (Transparency!) you have a choice of different views of fanart and the thumbnails created for each episode.

You may not be handling EMM to get this... I suggest you stick with XBMC scrapers and pull up the series information through the context menu... and set your folder thumbs, move into the folder and the context menu should allow you to set your season thumbs... you may have to do this in reverse order. Some skins may exhibit odd behaviour, best to address this issue in the forum of that skin.
I appreciate that it was noted its skin dependant, but i tried other skins and i get the same behaviour.

EMM is no problem as I have the series information, thumbs, show poster and all seasons posters working fine. I do actually get the fanart too, but as I said I only get the main fanart, but I have in addition chosen season specific fanart's and they are not visible in library mode. But File mode they're all there.

Im sorry but I have over 30 shows and I cannot go through each show and manually select a fanart for each of their seasons. I just hoped somebody would point me in the right direction. or might know how it works.

If this isnt possible I can resort to using 1 fanart for all seasons i guess Sad
XBMC has no season-specific fanart. Thus, it's a skin hack.
I see, thats exactly what I needed to know. many thanks jmarshall, I think I will contact the people who made the skin and see what they think about it.

thanks everyone for the responses