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Full Version: Resolution dependant border
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I'm trying to get the border around my episodes thumbs/movie cases to be a different colour depending on the resolution - so white for sd, blue for hd.

How do you set multiple parameters in the <visible> tag? If possible I'm trying to use


and then I'd do the same again but replace episodes with movies. I've had a look at some other code and thought you might be able to do it using a + or | to separate them but I'm not having any luck!
<visible>VideoPlayer.Content(episodes) + [stringcompare(VideoPlayer.VideoResolution,1080) | stringcompare(VideoPlayer.VideoResolution,720)]</visible>

Basically its check the player is playing an episode plus check if the resolution is either 720 or 1080
Thanks a lot Jezz, works perfectly now!
Okay another question (figure I'd use the same topic) is it possible to display the fanart in the info osd?

If so how would I do it, I've tried a few things but nothing has worked.