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Full Version: Movie not showing up?
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I've set my movie source as using the folder names and it has been working flawlessly... until today.

Tried to add Ice Age 3 but it's simply not showing from a library update. Is there any log that would say why it was skipped? I have the folder named "Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)"

a debug log
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I checked the debug log and there isn't anything in there.. just that it finished and took 22 seconds...
Please enable debug logging in system settings and check again.
Also drop the '3'! name it as IMDB has it listed "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)".
I have a similar problem, just like Kaitlyn I have never had a problem with the IMDB scraper up until now, so I turned on the debug log thing, here's the pastebin link:


Strangely enough, there is no cdart.png nor folder.png inside the Movies folder.

I'm using OS X Lion

Hope someone could help me
I have exactly the same issue, only started happening yesterday and haven't made any changes. Tried a clean install and rescraping all the movies but it only increased the amount of blank entries.
Then fetch a debug log of you refreshing an item.

@vtwin001: See above - your Debug Log is of no use as it is, as we don't have the scraping details.

It could be that IMDb have changed the layout perhaps. This is why we suggest you use themoviedb.org.

I was able to scrape some movies, but many others were not scanned correctly (after obviously choosing the movie from the possible movies list), name does not appear, no actors, forget about thumbnails, fan art, etc.

It's even more frequent when scraping a foreign movie than a movie with normal characters (I guess)

I believe the IMDB plugin needs to be updated

@jmarshall -- I cannot use themoviedb.org as it doesnt have most of the movies I have in my DB (many are not so popular, IMDB does have them).

I believe that IMDB changed the layout, since most of the movies are not being scraped correctly

The Debug Log I pasted was from the part I refreshed the movie --giving me again a rather empty info screen
Here's what I get from the debug log:

Please do NOT post log snippets. We always need the entire log.
Sorry, I'm new here and thought that was what was asked for. Here's the full thing:


I am able to reproduce and will update the imdb scraper in a few minutes.
Updated the imdb scraper to version 2.2.4. The update should be in the repositories in a few minutes. Note, you might need to force an update on the official xbmc.org repository in the addons manager in order to get the new version.
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