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Full Version: File server not accessible - path not found or invalid / this file is no longer avail
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I am using same hardware setting for roughly a year now and never faced this issue. It is extremely annoying and I really need help!!!

Context - my set-up
1) File-server running Win7x32, where all my movies/music are hosted
2) Mac Mini with XBMC running OSX Lion
3) ATV-1 with XBMC, Linux installed on disk (Crystalbuntu)
4) Notebook running Win7x32

I can still play movies from XBMC, but very (!) often I now get an error message ("path not found" when being in "file mode" or "this file is no longer available" in "library mode", which prevents me from playing the file. Once I get this error message, I am always getting this error both on the Mac-Mini and ATV-1. Restarting computer (2) or (3) makes no difference. Restarting the computer (1) get it working again, but usually just for one single movie. Then it stops working and need to restart (1) again.

One thing, which adds complexity that (even when it does not work on (2) and (3), I can still access (1) from (4). Not over XBMC, but simply by running "//" (home IP of my file server) and can also play file. Not through XBMC though.

This is really driving me crazy; basically preventing me from using XBMC properly anymore. Thanks a lot in advance for any idea you may have!!!