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Full Version: how do i return to movie playing in the background
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I was playing a movie and accidentally hit the "back" button on the remote which went back to the library. The movie went into a small window on the screen. I tried a few buttons which only made it worse - no more small screen but I could still hear the movie in the background.
I finally had to exit XBMC entirely...
What should I have done to return to the movie I was watching? Confused

Win7, AeonMQ2, Harmony Remote
Your remote probably doesn't have a button that sends a "tab" keypress. In that case you need to choose some convenient button on the remote and map it to the "fullscreen" action.

most mce remotes its one of the buttons at the top by the power button. heck just press them all except power to make sure none is mapped. but since its harmony perahps not
As said prior, TAB is the easiest way. If you have your Harmony programmed as "MCE Remote", it may not have a TAB button natively. That said, assuming you have room to program another device into the Harmony, you can add the "MCE Keyboard" and easily pull the TAB command from there.

Worst case, if running a Pre-Eden build, exit all the way out to the home screen and select the "Fullscreen" function from the onscreen menu above the horizontal slider menu next to the transport controls.
Quote: "mce remote", it may not have a tab button

okay, thank you for the replies. I do have a key set to "tab" but I did not push that one.