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Full Version: Fanart issues via remote
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Firstly, I have no idea if this is a Transparency issue, but as it's the only skin I use I thought I'd post it in here before someone else tells me to.

Anyway, fanart on the homescreen. Works fantastically well when you choose a track from the library then go home. However, doesn't work at all if I choose a track via the XBMC Remote app on Android. If I choose a track from the Android App library, XBMC will play it (on the homescreen), complete with cover art and cd art, but it never shows the fanart. Could someone else try it and verify? If it's an XBMC issue I'll post it up as an "issue", cos it is (for me lol).
there"s a long discussion about this issue here:

in my understanding, it's a limitation of xbmc.
fanart for the currently playing song is only supported when you start the track from your music library within xbmc.

you also won't get any fanart when playing songs in filemode or from the recentlyadded items on the homescreen for instance.
ah yeah, thanks Ronie.
this should be fixed already in master/nightlies - https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/commit/5fdd...6fe8a6f1eb
you're correct.
i lost my memory there for a bit :-)
awesome, works great (latest nightly). Thanks all