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Full Version: Brightness /Contarst menu shortcut?
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Blush DonĀ“t how to ask it right in English, hope someone will understand me.

I have dharma running on win 7. I would like to have just one more thing setup - if possible.

I use winlirc/eventghost to control xbmc - i have two buttons for subtitles on my remote they are for +/- sub delay.

My question is could I make shortcut for brightness and contrast menus so I dont need to call video osd and go through menu do get to bri. cont. adjustment? Huh

hope this makes sense
I don't think there is a way to get at the brightness and contrast directly.

thanks for replay - it is a shame though, it would be realy nice not to have to go through menu to get to colour controls.

thank you Smile