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Full Version: MPC-HC + XBMC + Harmony One, is it seemless or a mess? and other questions
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Hello XBMC,

I still don't have an HTPC and am looking forward to finally setting one up.

I have a Harmony One and a MCE Remote to control XBMC with. From what I understand you use a program called Event Ghost to use the remotes on XBMC.

I was thinking about using MPC-HC as an external player through XBMC, because I wanted to experiment with some of the renderers out there (like MADVR), for the best result. I was wondering whether setting up a harmony remote to use XBMC to browse a media collection and then when selecting the video file to play, whether it was a pain to then have the controller switch to controlling MPC-HC and then when finishing the video or wanting to go back to MPC-HC, whether a button press would seamlessly let me go back to XBMC like I'm guessing the native player does.

I was thinking about getting the new Mac Mini and using OSX with XBMC or if that isn't satisfactory using Windows 7 with XBMC or XBMC + MPC-HC. Right now I see the Mac Mini is having graphics acceleration issues, I don't know if that is just on OSX or also Windows. I also would like to find out whether the new Mac Mini can bitstream HD audio like True-HD
Once XBMC has launched MPC-HC its no different than using it with a remote on its own you just map remote keys in MPC-HC options to play, pause, forward, rewind, ect

What I would recommend though is mapping the stop key in MPC-HC to exit so when you press stop it exits MPC-HC this will then return you to XBMC

If your using MPC-HC only for certain files then your need to map exactly the same keys for play, pause, forward, rewind, ect in both XBMC and MPC-HC
I have a HP IR reciever with remote as well as a Harmony. I read and read and read and it turned out to be quite simple actually. No registry changes, no other programs (such as event ghost), no keymaps/rekeymapping, no MCE add-on/plugin etc. was needed.
Set up the Harmony as MCE Keyboard, set up activity (eg. watch movie), then (under ACTIVITY) simply assign keyboard presses to the Harmony remote buttons.
Both my HP remote and my Harmony remote work just fine. Interestingly enough the remotes send different keypresses to the receiver yet both of them work.
Another cool thing I found was the HP remote controlled VLC media player (pause, play, ff, etc only).