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Full Version: trouble adding home movie to Movies...
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Hi all,

I know I must be doing something wrong, so just need someone to tell me what it is, because at this point I haven't the foggiest Smile

I have three or four home movies that I'd like to add to my regular Movies library. Now, I've read the wiki article on this subject, and my impression was that all I'd need to do is create an .nfo file with the proper XML tagging, go to File mode, choose "Manually add to library", and that would basically be it (barring some optional steps regarding thumbnails and such). Note that while I see many forum discussions about adding home movies SEPARATELY from the regular Movies library, I don't see any about adding home movies TO the regular Movies library, which is what I want to do.

Example: Right now, among all my other movies, I have a folder for "Blue Rocks Kayaking Trip". In it, I have "Blue Rocks Kayaking Trip.avi", and "Blue Rocks Kayaking Trip.nfo". But although I believe I have my nfo file set up properly, the movie still appears in my library as "Blue Man Group: The Rock Tour" (lol) and I can't do anything with it to update it. If I go to the context menu, there's no option to manually add to library. The file plays fine if I press Play, but no other info is correct.

By the same token, I have another folder called "2009 NYC trip", with the same type of accompanying nfo file, and I can see a still-frame from the movie in my library; and when I play the file, it plays fine. However, the title shows up as "2009 NFC Conference Championship", and I can't get that title to change; nor can I get the custom thumbnail I'd created to show up in the library.

Am I misunderstanding what I've read about how to add a home movie directly to the regular Movie library, while being able to specify my own info (i.e. title, plot, actors, genre, etc)?

I'm accessing the movies on a NAS, and XBMC is on my Mac, if that's important to the discussion.
Sigh....sometimes I wonder how come it is that I always seem to spend hours and days trying to figure out a problem, get frustrated, post a question in a forum, and then two seconds later figure out the answer Smile

Answer was to remove the existing "wrong" entries from the library, THEN go to File mode and use the context menu to "Manually Add to Library". As for the thumbnails, the name has to be the same as the title with an extension of .tbn, rather than "folder.jpg" as I'd thought it was. Now everything works!