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Full Version: [LIVE] what's wrong with my new install?
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Hey guys, this is my first post and I'm going to need your help. Blush

I just assembled today my first xbmc box. Just for the record, please be patient, I'm a complete newbie.

This is the hardware:

MB --> Asrock E350M1/USB3
HD --> Kingston SSDNow 16GB
RAM--> 2x 2GB Kingston DDR3 1066
No other HD, I just want to connect it to an unRAID server.

The assembly was easy and so was the install. I downloaded the latest version from the webpage, flash it to a pendrive and that's about it. No issues.

The problems started when I switched it on. Everything loads apparently fine, and very quickly. I haven't measured it, but I reckon about 30sec.

However, once is fully loaded, the performance is very poor. The menus are very slow and laggish. Every time I move the mouse or use the keyboard I have to wait around two secs to see the screen reacting. It's like I was running a very hungry OS in an old pc.

I haven't done anything else, nor I'd know where to start...

Can you give me some adviseHuh
what skin are you using? try confluence (default skin) and see if performance improves, check to make sure drivers are current also a debug log wouldn't hurt.
That sounds like the behaviour if the OpenGL isn't hardware accelerated. This would be down to the video drivers. What video card are you using?

E350 is AMD Zacate I guess.

take a look here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=99154&page=40
i never got to reply to this one, so just in case anyone is having the same issue.

It was an issue with the AMD Zacate, as wsnipex pointed out. I couldn't get it sorted and decided to install xbmc on top of win 7. I set up xbmc as shell so i don't get the desktop although I still have to see the anoying win7 log in/log out screens. Speed is not an issue though, I have an SSD drive and the win7 install is quite naked, so it takes just about 15-20 secs to boot up, which is quite impressive!

It wasn't what I wanted (kind of appliance box), but considering I'm pretty new at linux and a poweruser with windows, I think it was the right decision.