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Full Version: Multi-Language Series
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I've been searching for hours now, but I can't find a solution for my problem.

I am watching TV-Shows in two languages: English and German. The episodes which already have been released in german are online available in german on my harddrive. For these episodes the description and title of the episode should display in english (the TheTVDB scraper is set to german). Episodes which are not available in german yet, but are available in english on my hard drive should display their title and description in english.

Is there any way to achieve this without using a single directory for english and german TV-Shows?
Have you maybe tried getting Dual Audio versions of the files?
Perhaps you can try and compose the question another way, I'm really struggling to understand what you are trying to achieve.
Okay, an example:

File A: "EUReKA S04E09.avi" => The episode is on my hard drive in german, so the description should display in german.

File B: "EUReKA S04E10.avi" => Episode hasn't been released in german yet so I've got it on my hard drive in english. The description should display in english in this case.
If you browse to the tvdb.. is the description available in german to beigin with?

I.e. if it only has English data then thats all you can expect until someone manually enters the data in German.

EDIT: I just looked myself and see the descriptions are in German.. You could try changing the scraper to german where necessary and then manually refreshing the information for specific files from the information screen, then revert back to English and repeating the refresh process again.